Writers of the Future

I recently started reading Volume 25 of the Writers of the Future Anthology. Each yearly anthology collects the winning entries of the quarterly Writers of the Future short story contest.

Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, the Writers of the Future contest is open to previously unpublished writers of science fiction and fantasy short stories. Entries are judged by a panel of professional authors. Past judges include Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, and Orson Scott Card, to name a few.

Winning Writers of the Future affords significant advantages to new authors. The contest enjoys an unmatched level of prestige, gives novice writers a chance to make vital industry contacts, and awards substantial cash prizes for the top three places. Even being a runner-up looks good on a resume. Plus, each year a grand prize winner is selected from among the four first place stories.

One of the biggest services the contest provides to authors and the reading public is the annual publication of the Writers of the Future Anthology. Each volume collect’s that year’s best story submissions and features essays by contest judges and editors. Each anthology is a fantastic place to find outstanding stories by previously unknown authors on the verge of making it big. If you want a glimpse of the sci-fi/fantasy landscape to come, you won’t do better than picking up the latest anthology.


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